D’Olier Coat of Arms


The D’Olier family of Dublin, Ireland: seven generations of the D’Olier family headed by Isaac D’Olier* of Dublin (born circa 1772), and descending to the present day. Cross-referenced to Ulster’s Office Recorded Pedigrees 19/2. College reference: Norfolk 51/89.

* The great grandson of Isaac D’Olier of Montauban (born circa 1667)



FIRST: Or on a chevron gules between three bunches of grapes sable a crescent of the first surmounted by a bezant all within a border azure semee of Fluers-de-Lys of the first.

SECOND: Azure, three columns of the Corinthian order in pess proper each surmounted with a dove, close, argent

THIRD: As first

FORTH: As second

CREST: On a wreath a dove, close, argent, holding in its beak an ear of wheat or.


The Coat of Arms